Writing a modern day fairytale

Many writers will eventually try to write a story based on a fairy tale or folk tale. There are some powerful examples of such adaptations: How do you capture the essence of the original tale while also creating a story that fulfills our sense of a modern story? The narrator is being taken to a witch for help with her headaches and, on the way, thinks about the most famous witch she knows:

Writing a modern day fairytale

Retellings are currently popular in the marketboth in the publishing and film industry.

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But how do you pull one off? Psst…before we get started, click here to download the free PDF worksheets I created to go along with this post! Do Your Research In order to retell a story, you need to know the original.

Read up on the original fairy tale and any variations it might have. You might be surprised to find the originals are a lot darker than their Disney counterparts!

Next, research existing retellings both films and books and take notes. Agents and editors want a fresh story! What did they like and not like about the retelling? The key to a successful retelling is to avoid giving readers the same story.

We know that story. We can read it anywhere. You can include main plot points from the original story, or go in a completely different direction altogether and create your own plot.

While it was visually pleasing and Prince Charming was cute, I could have just watched the animated version. Snow White and the Huntsman This retelling was more interesting. Snow White is represented as a warrior trying to reclaim her throne rather than a frightened, fainting damsel who is happy to spend her days singing and cleaning.

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The Huntsman also takes a larger role, and the romance is with him instead of the Prince. Besides these major changes, the film remains very faithful to the original while taking a darker tone. Maleficent Of the films listed here, this is by far my favorite. This retelling offers a fresh look at a familiar story, yet still follows the original fairly close.

Beastly This retelling of Beauty and the Beast is drastically different from the original. Marissa Meyer does this with the Lunar Chroniclescreating a new plot that keeps things exciting.

Instead, it takes the theme of inner beauty being more important than outer beauty and creates a new plot. You will need to find a balance between drawing inspiration from the original tale and your own ideas.

This can be tricky.Learn how to write a fairy tale retelling that's compelling and fresh! It’s set in modern day and barely follows the original story line. (This isn’t a bad thing! I’m a historical fiction writer, and after I was introduced to fairytale retellings via a writing contest, I got hooked on .

Writing fractured fairy tales, or funny, modern versions of old classics, is a delightful creative writing project! Follow this step-by-step process!

Everyone has a favorite classic fairy tale. Modernize a Fairy Tale Students learn about key elements of a fairy tale such as setting, characters, problems, and resolution as well as themes like magic, threes and sevens, fairies, forests, royalty, and castles as they retell and recreate a fairy tale in modern .

Here's a fun way to teach your students how to write a newfangled fairy tale. Everyone knows the stories of Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, Jack and the Beanstalk, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Three Little Pigs.

writing a modern day fairytale

So, those classic stories are wonderful points of departure for creative writing projects. At the outset, I'd like to suggest that your students read the original story as well as one or more "newfangled" versions of the story in order to understand how a writer can turn a traditional story into a modern one.

Modern Day Fairytale Retellings. I love fairytales. Reading, writing.

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Love. I'm such a fairytale nerd that I persuaded some fellow writers to go in on a book with me of fairytale retellings, The Queen of Clocks and Other Steampunk Tales. I've been reading fairytales and fairytale retellings for years.

The great thing about fairytales is that.

A Modern Day Fairy Tale