Wordstorm writing a book

Through the years of its existence, WordStorm has had several homes. I do like to take notes after all. Joining the board are some new members.

Wordstorm writing a book

Share via Email Wordstorm festival director Panos Couros. A three-day feast of local and visiting literary talent, it offers a thoughtful thematic framework for engaging with the current literary landscape, one which still holds a place for the printed word but which is also immersed in the digital realm.

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Unlike past Wordstorm festival directors, Couros is not a writer. His own artistic background is in sound, film and performance, along with management roles at the Darwin festivalthe Sydney-based Casula Powerhouse and Mardi Gras film festival. Most, he says, start off with the writers: I started off with ideas, and then matched those ideas with appropriate writers.

wordstorm writing a book

Directly following the festival in Darwin is the one-day Enabling the Territory industry forum specifically for NT writers.

Couros sought extra funding to host the event the day after Wordstorm closes.

wordstorm writing a book

It will mean a marathon effort for him. The Wordstorm team is small; Couros calls it a "do-it-yourself festival".

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It will also mean a more NT-wide writer turnout for Wordstorm. Buoyed by the buzz of the festival, NT writers will have the opportunity through Enabling the Territory to hear from and pitch to key literary agents.

Couros regards writers to be at the vanguard of culture. One of his main aspirations for Wordstorm is that the festival can influence its writers.

The Liquid Page program focuses on platforms which share and collectively shape narrative, and includes a crowd-writing panel session, and the Memory Makes Us event, brought to the festival by Simon Groth and his if: In this live writing event, Darwin authors Levin DiatschenkoMunkara and Kamarra Bell-Wykes will endeavour to create a new work based on written contributions from the public in response to the notion of "dreams, dreaming and the sense of smell".

A live " liquidpage" collaborative digital writing site will also be active during Wordstorm —amassing, morphing and recreating the written feedback from festival writers and audience onsite and online alike. This also reflects the particularly national focus for Wordstormgiven that it had become known as the Australasian Festival of Writing with regular participation from neighbouring countries such as East Timor, Indonesia and Singapore.Her books include a novella, Shrinking Violets, which was co-winner of the Ken Klonsky Award in Pelman has been an active participant in the Victoria writing community, is a member of the Random Acts of Poetry team, a regular reader at Planet Earth Poetry, and the instigator of Victoria’s “Poetry Walls” created by her students, in.

Common Mistakes Made When Writing a Book in Microsoft Word.

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by Kimberly Martin | Feb 28, | Word Tips for Writers | comments. When writing your book you should separate the writing from the formatting. Write first, format later.


However, there are some steps you can make when writing your book in Microsoft Word that will make the job of. I’m the author of five books: a novel, The Queen of Jasmine Country (HarperCollins India, ), a short story collection, The High Priestess Never Marries (HarperCollins India, ), two books of poetry, Witchcraft (Bullfighter Books, ) and The Altar of the Only World (HarperCollins India, ); and a picture book for children, The Ammuchi Puchi (Lantana Publishing, & Puffin India, ).

WordStorm is a monthly reading event with featured readers and performers reading poetry, prose, published collections, novels, memoirs. what might be included in author Elie Wiesel’s book Night.

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For example, if I had the letter A, I would write down “Auschwitz” -- remember, this was one of the largest Nazi camps. I might also write down a more general word like “anxious” for the letter A -- to describe feelings of prisoners.

This is perhaps not the ideal state of mind for someone writing a weekly column in a newspaper. Clearly it was time for a short break. Reader comments form part of the overall wordstorm described above, and it’s true I’m not a huge fan of them, but that’s chiefly because .

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