Unit 315 prepare to support individuals

The following words and phrases, as used in this chapter, shall have the following meanings, unless the context otherwise requires: Such controlled drugs are classifiable as amphetamine-type, barbiturate-type, cannabis-type, cocaine-type, hallucinogenic, morphine-type and other stimulant and depressant drugs.

Unit 315 prepare to support individuals

Chapter b - Dependency-Producing Drugs

This unit standard replaces unit standard"Moderate assessment", Level 6, 10 credits. Supplementary information Definition of Terms The following terms are defined as used within this and related unit standards: The product of assessment design could be termed an Assessment Guide see definition below.

Assessment facilitator or evidence facilitator: Assessment Guides are designed primarily for use by assessors to conduct an assessment or possibly a series of related assessments in terms of a significant and coherent outcome of learning e. Assessment Guides address the following key aspects in detail: Such people include those who may already be competent, but who seek assessment for formal recognition candidatesas well as those who may have completed or are in the process of completing learning programmes learners.

Evaluative expertise implies deep subject matter understanding and knowledge about the outcomes being assessed at a theoretical and practical level, but does not necessarily include practical ability in the outcome. Evidence includes plans, products, reports, answers to questions, testimonials, certificates, descriptions of observed performances, peer review reports.

RPL - Recognition of Prior Learning means the comparison of the previous learning and experience of a learner against specified learning outcomes required for: This means that regardless of where, when or how a person obtained the required skills and knowledge, it could be recognised for credits.

RPL involves an assessment process of preparing for RPL, engaging with RPL candidates, gathering evidence, evaluating and judging evidence in relation to defined criteria, giving feedback and reporting results.

Given that the all candidates are assessed against the same criteria, credits awarded through RPL are therefore just as valid as credits awarded through any other assessment process.

Methods of Assessment Appropriate: The method of assessment is suited to the outcome being assessed i. The method of assessment does not present any barriers to achievements, which are not related to the achievement of the outcome at hand.

The methods used make for easily arranged, cost-effective assessments that do not unduly interfere with learning. Integrated into work or learning: Evidence collection is integrated into the work or learning process where this is appropriate and feasible.

Often referred to as naturally occurring evidence. The evidence is sufficient proof that the candidate is able to perform the assessment outcomes at the time the assessor declares the candidate competent.

The assessor is satisfied that the evidence is attributable to the person being assessed. The evidence collected establishes that all criteria have been met and that performance to the required standard can be repeated consistently in the future i.

Unit 315 prepare to support individuals

Overall Assessment Process Systematic: The overall process ensures assessment is fair, effective, repeatable and manageable. The process is transparent i. The same assessor would make the same judgement again in similar circumstances and judgements match judgements made on similar evidence.Sheet17 SIC Link Alternate Title Green Skills Green Occupations Trades Notes Tasks Descriptors Specialisations Occupations Unit Groups Minor Groups Sub Major Groups.


If your Centre is approved to offer the Level 3 Diploma in Dental Nursing () you can apply for the new Level 3 Diploma in Dental Nursing () approval using the fast track approval form, available from the City & Guilds website. Chapter 4: Unit Prepare and Maintain Environment, Instruments and Equipment for Clinical Dental Procedures Chapter 5: Unit Offer Information and Support to Individuals on the Protection of Their Oral Health.

Chapter 6: Unit Provide Chairside Support during the Assessment of Patients’ Oral Health. Unit Scientific.

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