Uconn school of business plan of study

Program Overview The rapid growth of the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and health care industries has created a demand for biomedical scientists with knowledge of business principles and practices.

Uconn school of business plan of study

Transfer Credits You may include transfer credits in your plan of study in accordance with the following guidelines. CLAS plans of study: Up to 9 credits of transfer coursework. Students seeking the inclusion of transfer credit in their major that is not equivalent to a specific UConn course generic transfer credit must provide 1 a transcript from the previous institution and 2 course descriptions for the courses they wish to include.

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Such generic transfer credit will be reviewed for inclusion in the major when the student is admitted to the Program. CAHNR plans of study: Up to 6 credits of transfer coursework that is the equivalent to UConn courses as stated in the catalog.

UConn School of Business | School of Business With the approval of the Program Director, electives may include other University of Connecticut graduate programs.
Plan of Study | Individualized & Interdisciplinary Studies Program Davita Silfen Glasberg, Ph. Unless exempted by the Dean or the Assistant Vice Provost, students shall take all of their course work at the University during the last two semesters.
Guidelines for the inclusion of Business, Sport Management, and Journalism courses The curricula seek to expand capacities, perspectives, and skills of students who wish direct preparation for careers in either business firms or the public service.
Contact Us The Final Plan of Study is due on or before the fourth week of your final semester.
University of Connecticut Business Administration Business Administration The Business Administration major is intended to prepare business leaders who are effective general managers with expertise in managerial communications, finance, management and marketing. Bureau of Labor Statistics BLS forecastsnew general and operations managers from towith job opportunities varying depending on the particular industry.

Double Major If you have an existing major and would like to add an individualized major in the same school or college a double majoryou will need to prepare the following for your application: A Double Major Declaration Form.

These are available on our forms page. Additional Degree If you have an existing major and would like to add an individualized major in a different school or college, you must opt for an additional degree and you must meet all of the requirements for both degrees. Additional degrees require at least 30 degree credits more than the degree with the higher minimum-credit requirement.

Thus for an IMJR that is in addition to an engineering degree, for example, you would need a total of credits to graduate for the engineering degree, plus the extra 30 for the additional degree.

School of Business | Undergraduate Catalog

The extra 30 credits must be level courses or higher in the additional degree major or closely related fields. If you are planning an additional degree you will need to prepare the following for your application:The plan of study should be completed and submitted to the Office of the Registrar when not more than 18 credits of course work to be offered for the degree have been completed.

Request for Changes in Plan of Study; Schedule Revision Request Form Request for Withdrawal: To access more information about withdrawing, please contact The Graduate School directly by calling Contact Information: [email protected] Major Plans of Study Your Plan of Study is determined by your catalog year.

Please use your Advisement Report in StudentAdmin to determine your catalog year, which is typically the year you started in the School of Business.

Business Management Major. or international business. Current Management Plan of Study ().pdf.

uconn school of business plan of study

Previous Management Plans of Study. Entrepreneurship Concentration.

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UConn School of Business Management Department Hillside Road, Unit Storrs, CT The UConn School of Business Ph.D. Programs offers areas of study in Accounting, Finance, Management,Marketing, and Operation and Information Management (OPIM). We prepare students to conduct high quality, state-of-the-art research and to take faculty positions at leading universities.

uconn school of business plan of study

Career Tuesdays at the School of Business are open to all students. This week meet with the NY Yankees and Techtronic (TTI), Inc.

This is your chance to stop by for a visit with top employers to learn about their company and their culture.

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