Saving environment for future

Flip How Humans Are Saving the Environment in Feeling slightly blue over reports of extreme weather patterns and rising temperatures? The World Economic Forum reported early this year that weather change tops their list for global risks in

Saving environment for future

To put it more starkly, the relentless buildup of carbon emissions in the atmosphere is outpacing the worst-case scenario outlined by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC.

There is now a total now of gigatonnes of CO2 in the atmosphere. How much further do CO2 levels have to rise before we all agree action needs to be taken? On current trends CO2 levels will reach ppm by The global rate of ice melting on glaciers and in polar regions has more than doubled since and could raise sea levels 27 centimeters nearly 11 inches by Global warming from 12, civil aircraft each day could be almost halved if they flew at 24, to 31, feet, rather than higher altitudes, because it would prevent contrails forming - trails of cloud from water vapour in the plane exhaust.

Contrails reflect heat back to earth and cause 0. They may double the global warming effect from a long haul flight. Sulphur pollution in South East Asia cities has quadrupled in 25 years. Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research, University of Iowa January Bacteria can be used to eat and destroy dioxins - one of the most dangerous pollutants, and the most long-lasting, causing cancer and damaging the developing immune and nervous systems of young children.

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They are produced by heating petrochemicals and accumulate in fat. One useful method has been to create land contours with stones, helping to stop rain from running away and preventing further soil erosion. Dirty bombs could be a significant damager of the environment over the next 30 years.

Saving environment for future

Made by mixing low grade radioactive material with conventional explosives, such devices could be assembled quite easily with very unpredictable results.

The International Atomic Agency says almost every nation in the world has enough radioactive materials to make a dirty bomb and more than countries lack basic protection of these sources. The US alone has 2 million radioactive sources used in tasks such as sterilising food or pharmaceutical products, killing cancer cells, inspecting welds in engineering, exploring for oil and medical diagnosis.

The contamination from a single medical use source can be huge. In a medical device was stolen in Goiania, Brazil. The cleanup involved 3, cubic meters of radioactive waste - enough to cover a football field to more than a metre depth. Effects of a dirty bomb could be very long lasting and hard to clean up.

Following the Chenobyl disaster, pavements in some parts of Scandanavia are still contaminated with cesium, while dust in the streets of Kiev still contains radioactive plutonium.

Hydrogen fuel cells for cars will take a huge step forward over the next decade - nearly twice as efficient as internal combustion engines.Ultimately, the protection of natural resources and the environment requires the implementation of legal and political measures, and the advancement of science and technology.

Like fixing a car or leaking appliance, protecting and conserving resources for future generations requires essential tools. Saving Environment For Future Saving Water, Saving Environment!! Tien Ho Period 2 • Water is a precious resource, but not infinite, thus saving water is always essential even .

Saving environment for future

Saving the environment. July 30, News Leave a comment Views. Sarpang. What activities were carried out to address waste management issues? Monthly cleaning campaign.

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This is reflected in Annual Performance Agreement that we will conduct 15 cleaning programs in a year. What are your future plans and activities? The Future of the Environment. Check out our interactive tour of a future green megalopolis, the 10 most audacious engineering solutions for saving the planet, as well as the most problematic.

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Save Environment For Future Generations. Budget Reform to Save Future Generations In times of tight budgets, states need to make tough decisions in funding.

One classic debate centers around whether to build prisons or schools. The good news for citizens is that prison counts have been at its lowest in thirty years. The environmental movement, of which I am part, has long relied on the crutch of protecting the environment "for future generations." As their environment collapses, their day to day existence.

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