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Share via Email National service continued well beyond the world wars … a sign outside the Royal Exchange in London. Mods and peaceniks were reacting against generations that had been mobilised during two world wars. Yet the militarisation of British society was not just the outcome of war. Under the National Service Act, introduced inhealthy males aged 18 or over were obliged to serve in the armed forces for 18 months.

National service

Persons employed by the government of any country of the British Empire except the United Kingdom Clergy of any denomination Those who were blind or had mental disorders Married women Women who had one or more children 14 years old or younger living with them.

This included their own children, legitimate or illegitimate, stepchildren, and adopted children, as long as the child was adopted before 18 December Pregnant women were not exempted, but in practice were not called up.

People called up before they were 51 years old but who reached their 51st birthday during their service were liable to serve until the end of the war. People who had retired, resigned or been dismissed from the forces before the war were liable to be called back if they had not reached 51 years of age.

Britain did not completely demobilise inas conscription continued after the war.

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Those already in the armed forces were given a release class determined by length of service and age. In practice, releases began in Juneand the last of the wartime conscripts had been released by However, urgently needed men, particularly those in the building trades, were released inalthough some restrictions on their immediate employment were supposed to be enforced.

All women were released at the end of the war. From 1 Januaryhealthy males 17 to 21 years old were expected to serve in the armed forces for 18 months, and remain on the reserve list for four years.

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They could be recalled to their units for up to 20 days for no more than three occasions during these four years. Men were exempt from National Service if they worked in one of the three " essential services ": If they quit early, they were subject to being called up.

National service

Exemption continued for conscientious objectors, with the same tribunal system and categories. In Octoberin response to the British involvement in the Korean Warthe service period was extended to two years; in compensation, the reserve period was reduced by six months.

National Servicemen who showed promise could be commissioned as officers. National Service personnel were used in combat operations, including the Malayan Emergencythe Cyprus Emergencyin Kenya against the Mau Mau Uprisingand the Korean Warwhere conscripts to the Gloucestershire Regiment took part in the last stand during the Battle of the Imjin River.

In addition, National Servicemen served in the Suez Crisis in During the s there was a prohibition on serving members of the armed forces standing for election to parliament.

A few National Servicemen stood for election in the and general elections in order to be dismissed from service. Currently, the British overseas territory of Bermuda practises conscription.

Recruitment into the part-time military reserves in Bermuda from ; service in the old Bermuda Militiaas in that in England and Wales, had been compulsory for all able-bodied, military-aged males had originally followed the practices in England for the militiain which soldiers voluntarily enlisted for six years, and in the later Volunteer Forcein which part-time soldiers served voluntarily and could quit their service with 14 days' notice, except while embodied for training, war, or national emergency.

The Militia, Volunteer force, and Yeomanry were merged into the Territorial Force later renamed the Territorial Army in Britain inwith the introduction of terms of service specific lengths of service for which volunteers enlistedbut this did not occur in Bermuda until the s.

Conscription into the Bermuda Militia Artillery and the Bermuda Volunteer Rifle Corps was discussed during the First World Warbut had not been put into place before the cessation of hostilities. Those unable to serve full-time were directed into the Bermuda Home Guard. Since the two units were amalgamated inconscription has been retained, making the Bermuda Regiment the only conscripted force still serving under the British Crown.

Conscription is for three years of part-time service, with the terms of service otherwise identical to those which originally applied to Territorial soldiers in Britain with a basic service requirement of one drill night per week, one weekend camp per month, and one two-week annual camp per year, not including embodiment for active service.

Service is for home defence purposes, and soldiers cannot be compelled to serve in overseas campaigns. Support for reintroduction of conscription[ edit ] In Prince Harry made a call for bringing back conscription.The National Service Act was an Act of Parliament which extended the British conscription of the Second World War long after the war-time need for it had expired, in the form of "National Service".After a bill with the same purpose had been approved in , expected to be implemented 1 January , the Cold War and the Malayan Emergency caused a revised and extended version of the new.

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A nationwide cadre of AMVETS National Service Officers are stationed at Department of Veterans Affairs Regional Offices and Medical timberdesignmag.comation, counseling and claims service are offered to all veterans and their dependents.

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National service is a system of either compulsory or voluntary government service, usually military service. Conscription is mandatory national service.

The term national service comes from the United Kingdom's National Service (Armed Forces) Act Many young people spent one or more years in such programmes. Compulsory military service typically requires all male citizens to enroll f. This is a comprehensive report of volunteer highlights and trends in the United States of America.

Check out national, state, city, and demographic data, plus overall rankings and media resources that show the powerful and worthwhile force of Volunteering in America.

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