Math pass year paper

Present this fun calendar math challenge to students at any time of year.

Math pass year paper

By Michael Hartley This page lists all the printable math games on this site.

Math pass year paper

Each game box explains what other material you need to play the game - often just a pen or pencil! There's also a whole bunch of printable worksheets, they're all on a special page of Math Worksheets. Not Math, But Awesome: My local museum had an exhibition recently, called Dinosaur Discovery - Lost Secrets of the Cretaceous.

As part of the exhibition, they had prepared a special smartphone app available for Android or iOS. You'd load the app, point your phone at some special barcodes, and you'd suddenly see a three-dimensional dinosaur pop out!

On my own Dinosaur Discovery page you can read more about the exhibition, and also find links to download your own dinosaur barcodes, and the app you'll need to use them.

I also made a short Dinosaur Discovery Video that you might like to see!

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An Android, iPhone or iPad. Alice Oglesby's Cross-Number Puzzle is actually a crossword puzzle - but the clues are all arithmetic sums. How is that possible? Once you've worked out each sum on a calculator, you turn your calculator upside downand each number becomes a letter.

You can download and print Alice's puzzle, solve it, and then make your own upside-down calculator Math pass year paper puzzle with the help of the long lists of calculator words linked from the puzzle page. A Magic Hexagon Worksheet is just like a magic square worksheet - students need the same set of skills to solve each one - the difference is that most students will never have seen a magic hexagon before.

This website has a Magic Hexagon Worksheet Generator that lets you generate randomized magic hexagon worksheets with the answer key. The worksheet will be different each time you come back to this site, so you know there's no way for students to drop by themselves and cheat by downloading their own answer key.

There are eight different ways to fill a plane with a symmetrical pattern of regular polygons, some different, but all corners identical.

This page explains what they all are, and provides links to pdfs you can print out and color in any pattern you like. Let me know how you plan to use them! Color Pencils Design and make your own Paper Polyhedra right in your web browser with this java applet. You can design beautiful symmetric shapes with an interactiove 3D view, then print out a plan to help you make a model of the shape out of cardboard or paper.

Finally, you can share your net with your friends by email, facebook, or whatever, so they, too, can enjoy your masterpiece.

It was created by Mac Oglesby, a retired math teacher, who kindly sent it to me to make available to you. Grab a pen, and Download and print the puzzle sheet and see how many of the challenges you can crack. Multiple copies, and a pencil. Or a pen, if you're brave!

This page has a whole bunch of different graph paperincluding this square graph paper in different sizes. Download and print as many as you want, and use them for all the things you use graph paper for - practicing spacing math problems carefully, drawing plans and maps, flowcharts, making crossword puzzles - even for drawing graphs!

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This site also has an Online Space Birthday Calculatorbut the printable worksheets may be more useful in a classroom context. Pen or pencil, and a calculator.

The Stomachionor Ostomachion literally Bone Fight is a puzzle like the Tangrambut invented by the ancient Greeks. It has twice as many pieces, so there's many many more patterns it can be arranged into.

Download and print yourself a setand start by seeing how many ways you can form the pieces into a square! The Tangram Puzzle is a simple jigsaw puzzle that originated in China over years ago.

Despite its apparent simplicity, there are a huge number of patterns the pieces can be arranged into. This site has a Printable Tangram Puzzle for you to download and cut out.

A Tizit is an impossible figure, an optical illusion. On this site, I've uploaded 30 Tizit puzzles designed by retired math teacher Mac Oglesby. Download a Tizit, and you'll see a scattering of labeled dots, and instructions showing which ones to join.

Join the dots carefully with a ruler, and an amazing, eye-twisting figure will appear. Get your kids to draw and color a Tizit now, then send me a copy of their mathematical artwork, so I can make a gallery of Tizits on this website!Increase student performance and retention with individualized assessment and learning.

Take control of your classroom, and save time with ALEKS' powerful learning management system. Tests Find information about each test, including when and where you can test. Joanne Currah and Jane Felling have created two best-selling math game books: shuffling Into Math (for teachers of grades K-3) and All Hands on Deck (grades ).

Each book includes simple instructions for more than math games that help children discover math concepts and reinforce math skills. The case between Beauty and Stylish involves concept of a valid contract, pre-contractual statements, express term and misrepresentation.

A valid contract is established between Beauty and Stylish when an offer is accepted and there is intention for both parties to create legal relations. Year 12 - HSC; Upload Files; thsconline Year 10 Maths Past Papers [Up One Folder] Year 10 Maths Papers Epping Boys Epping Boys Epping Boys w.

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Kendall Hunt is excited to offer many new improvements, allowing schools to have greater control over their accounts.

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