Heena sidhu personal life essay

April 08, The year-old from Jhajjar Haryanathe youngest Indian to win an ISSF World Cup gold medal and who shot to prominence at the National championships last December, was in no way bogged down with fear on her Games debut. And the result, be it in the qualifying round or the final, speaks for itself about the manner in which the Indian approached the competition. She came out in flying colours, dictated with a serene calmness that clearly camouflaged the deep desire in her to excel.

Heena sidhu personal life essay

Heena sidhu personal life essay

Arun was supposed to perform Carnatic Krithis Compositions in praise of Jesus. This triggered protests, on and off the social media, from the fan base of Carnatic music and others. This brought to light many earlier cases, where popular Carnatic musicians including O.

The Wire published an article alleging communalism and intolerance, as expected of its bias and inclinations, with some Brahmin Bashing thrown in. I had anticipated many of the allegations and arguments made by 'The Wire' and had addressed them in the past weeks. This commentary consolidates those perspectives.

Arun wore a crucifix, wiped off his usual Bhasma, Tilaka and performed Carnatic Krithis praising Christ.

Why does China continue to oppose India Security Council membership?

Wikipedia defines inculturation as follows: In Christianity, inculturation is the adaptation of the way Church teachings are presented to non-Christian cultures and, in turn, the influence of those cultures on the evolution of these teachings. This is a term that is generally used by Roman Catholics, the World Council of Churches and some Protestants, other Protestants prefer to use the term "contextual theology".

From the Hindu perspective, this is cultural appropriation, that is taking of things that are holistically and intrinsically part of the Hindu worldview, culture and using them to propagate Christianity, leading to the eventual proselytization.

So is such dishonest portrayal objectionable or not? It can be seen as an attempt to Indianize Christianity and integrate. In fact, Indian Islam is often accused of not doing that and instead, of trying to Arabize itself.

Indonesian Islam, which has retained its Hindu cultural indicators, is held up as an example worthy of emulation. It is true that most Indian Christians are Hindu in their origins and hence it can be argued that, they only rejected the Devata, Shashtras, and Dharma of Hinduism and not the cultural expressions.

Heena and her husband and coach Ronak Pandit in a heartwarming Instagram post.

It can also be argued that Sanskrit is a language, Carnatic a musical style, why can't they be used to describe another subject? I think these are valid points to consider. There is indeed nothing objectionable in using these external expressions towards another faith, another god.

Let us look at a relatable analogy. When young kids play cricket, each brings different pieces of equipment and pool it. Bats, some balls, stumps, pads etc. Everyone freely uses the equipment irrespective of who spent the money to purchase it.


Each kid follows favorite teams, sports stars etc. Then there are one or two kids, who keep claiming that others are wrong in how they play, deny the legitimacy of their favorite sports stars like Tendulkar and constantly disparage team affiliations etc.

Yet these kids use such branded equipment, even as they refuse to acknowledge the ownership, association or origin of the equipment. And in the past they are known to have invaded other pitches and forced others to play by their rules, destroying the diversity of fan groups and even entire sports.

Should such bullies, be trusted with the equipment of our heritage? Secular state, the left-liberal media etc. Would it be objectionable or not? Pakistan is hostile to India, but there are aspects that we share with the Pakistani people, common origins, and culture.

Yet their driving ideology is to be distinct from India and hostile to it, that is their existential reason. We might interact with them in many fora as individuals and associations, as a nation even have diplomatic relationship with them. They have the right to exist as a nation, they can freely play cricket.

We like even less when they play in Pakistan.

Heena Sidhu: Personal Life Essay Example for Free

But how would we feel if an idolized Indian cricketer plays "for Pakistan", wearing Pakistani team colors? Similarly, Christianity has an ideological hostility towards Hinduism.

It does not consider the devata, the beliefs and the philosophies of Hindus as legitimate and would like to see it erased.Heena Sidhu wins gold in 25m pistol event Indian shooter Heena Sidhu clinched the gold medal in the women's 25m pistol event at the 21st Commonwealth Games (CWG) in Australia on April 10, Heena Sidhu (born 29 August ) is an Indian sport shooter.

On 7 April , Sidhu became the first Indian pistol shooter to reach number one in world rankings by the International Shooting Sport Federation. Personal life. In , Sidhu received a Bachelor of Dental Surgery.

Apr 12,  · Heena Sidhu's success story at the Commonwealth Games would be incomplete without the mention of Ronak Pandit. As Heena Sidhu clinched gold in . Heena Sidhu- Shooting. Manu Bhaker - Shooting. Punam Yadav - Weightlifting Come, meet them, and get to know them up close and personal.

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Personal Interests. Shooting, painting and sketching. CONTACT INFO. timberdesignmag.com MORE INFO. About. Official Page of Heena Sidhu, World Record holder and the first Indian pistol shooter to win the Gold Medal at the World Cup Final, Biography. Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance Udaipur. Insurance Company in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Community See All. people like this. people follow this. About See All. Edelweiss Tokio life insurance company Ltd Panchwati near Axis Bank (7, mi) Udaipur, Rajasthan Get Directions. Here’s presenting complete and some unknown facts information about hot Indian sport shooter Heena Sidhu Date of birth (29 August ) is an hot Indian sport shooter. On 7 April , Sidhu became the first Indian pistol shooter to reach number one.

coaches. Vijay Sharma Weightlifter. Mr.

Heena sidhu personal life essay

Vijay Sharma is a former athlete and national record holder with around 15 years of coaching A life cover of Rs. 1 crore was also provided to each of.

Apr 08,  · The first ones to make us proud early in the morning were Punam Yadav with a gold medal for winning the 69 kg weight class, followed by Manu Bhaker and Heena Sidhu's gold and silver respectively, in women's 10m air pistol.

Heena Sidhu Personal Life Harvard Case Study Solution and Analysis of READING THE HARVARD CASE STUDY: To have a complete understanding of the case, one should focus on case reading. It is said that hbr case study should be read two times.

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CWG Tracing Heena Sidhu’s gold route at Commonwealth Games | Sports News, The Indian Express