Donating kidneys to save the lives of others

Each year, more thanpeople in the United States need a kidney transplant. Less than 20 percent of them get one. On average, 13 people die each day waiting for a kidney. Often relatives and friends who are eager to donate are told their blood type or immune systems are incompatible.

Donating kidneys to save the lives of others

Inone woman learned of a friend that had discovered her kidneys were failing.

Donating kidneys to save the lives of others

It was at this moment she wanted to step up to the plate and offer her kidney for harvest, but from that day on everything changed. Whether it be donating your time to a local cause, helping someone at the grocery store, or handing in a lost item, there are plenty of ways to make the world a little bit better.

A woman with a huge heart and lots of love to give, she spent her time looking after her two children as a divorced parent.

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Debbie had managed to build a career working at the local car dealership, the Atlantic Automotive Group, but realized that she needed a change. It was one hot summer during that Debbie decided to pack her bags, quit her job, and head to The Sunshine State.

Calling by old friends After she made the 1, mile trip, Debbie wanted to visit her daughter who had stayed back in Long Island. Getting out at the office, Debbie was greeted by a familiar face — her old employer, Jackie Brucia.

Jackie did have some good news though — she had been given the offer of a transplant from a friend. While Jackie thought her former employee was joking, she commented on how one day she just may need to accept the gesture.

After a few months had passed, she made the decision to return to her hometown. Luckily Debbie had always got on so well with her former co-workers so she decided that she would try her luck at calling up the company to ask if they had any positions available still.

Debbie was hoping she would be able to slot back into her old life as if she never left… Taking up the offer Debbie only had to wait a few weeks before she had her answer.

Her old boss, Jackie, was more than happy to rehire her employee, but this time Debbie would be a clerical worker.

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Had she done something wrong? In fact, Jackie wanted to ask Debbie a very serious question: Debbie was selfless, and defended her offer; she wanted to do anything to help. Both Debbie and Jackie were on the edge of their seat to find out whether the two themselves would be a match.

There were a lot of tests that needed to be done to determine the truth, including finding out their blood types and making sure both were healthy enough to undergo surgery.

There was a network set up within the hospitals to find matches for patients waiting for donations elsewhere in the country, and there was someone that matched Debbie living in Missouri. Not only was Debbie left struggling with digestive complications, but she also was left in excruciating pain.

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This meant that both Debbie and Jackie were forced to stay at home for weeks while they recovered from it all. While she was home recovering from life-altering surgery, she had Jackie on the phone questioning where she was.Cascading chain of lives saved through living donation Kidney donation chains occur when two or more people are willing to donate a kidney to a loved one but are not compatible with that person in factors such as age, size, blood type and immunology.

Different types of Kidney donors. Can donate to friend or relataive - Living donation; can donate a kidney to a stranger - altruistic or non-directed kidney . This can be used to save the lives of the other people who will be in need.

It has been said that normally a single donor can save up to eight lives and by donating the tissues and the eyes they can save up to fifty lives. In the News: Kidney Donors Save the Lives of Strangers Transplant surgeon, Dr.

Michael Rees; transplant coordinator, Susan Rees; and APKD board member, Tom Foster, recently had the opportunity to share the story of the Alliance for Paired Kidney Donation with the Sentinel-Tribune.

When she learned about the power of kidney donation to save lives, she was galvanized. She decided to step forward and get tested. Derek Lewis hugs his kidney donor, Jenni Uzri, at a press conference celebrating the kidney-donation chain.

World Organ Donation Day is observed on 6 of August annually throughout the world. It is celebrated to encourage people to donate organs. .

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