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We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for applying and to wish you all the best this year! We will use the email address you used on your application to communicate with you. The PSE is mandatory for Commerce and highly recommended for other programs. Check it often to ensure you are up-to-date, and on time!

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Robitschek Application Interested Applicants shall submit: How did you learn about the Robitschek Scholarship? What is your reason s for wanting to study in the United States?

Why do you think you would be successful at the University of Nebraska—Lincoln? How many years of tertiary education do you need to complete your degree in the Czech Republic, and what degree will you obtain?

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What are some of the most important Admission essay header today within your field of study? Applications should be emailed as. Applications for the — academic year must be received no later than Tuition, room and board, books and fees for two academic semesters—approximately 9 months.

Return travel Admission essay header the Czech Republic. Provisions Undergraduate tuition benefits covering up to 28 credit hours total for two consecutive semesters, not to exceed 16 credit hours in one semester.

Tuition coverage does not apply to correspondence, auditing, or summer courses. Room and board meals equivalent to double room seven-day meal plan option within the University of Nebraska Housing system.

Air transportation to Lincoln, Nebraska, from the Czech Republic before the start of Fall semester classes. Who is Robitschek The life of Paul Robitschek is an embodiment of the American dream and what democracy has to offer.

As a Czech immigrant Paul came to the United States and built a career pioneering chemical and plastic manufacturing for over half of the 20th century. The Paul Robitschek Scholarship is Paul's legacy to the University of Nebraska—Lincoln, promoting democracy and free market economics by providing an opportunity for undergraduate Czech students to pursue a year of study and cultural exploration in America's heartland.

Before applying, please take a moment to read this short biography of Paul Robitschek to learn about the life that has shaped an important legacy and connection between the Czech Republic and the University of Nebraska—Lincoln.

He briefly traveled to the United States early in his career before returning to Czechoslovakia, where he married Frieda Bedriska. In they gave birth to Paul Robitschek, their second son. As a young boy, Paul attended elementary and secondary school in Prague before going on to study medicine at Charles University.

At the age of 22 Paul came down with scarlet fever and had to withdraw from his studies. By he had lost both his parents to disease. Upon completing his degree two years later, Paul took his first job as a researcher with De La Rou, a major British manufacturer of plastics.

Paul's wife, Alice Sandell, was born in London in They met during the war at a social occasion. At the time, she was working as a secretary at a fashion house.

Admission essay header

Alice was interred during the war in Italy. She was repatriated in and they were married in Alice worked outside of their home only for the first year of their marriage. During her life, she spent her time making a home for the Robitscheks and developing a passionate interest in weaving, drawing and flower arranging.

They had no children.

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